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Discover the limitless possibilities of NFTs with our launchpad. Experiment and explore the world of NFTs


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Be part of the community by staking your ASTR with Paras. Gain access to exclusive rewards, community perks, and other exciting opportunities

A User-friendly, Seamless, and Secure Experience

Verified Launches

We’re committed towards building a higher level of assurance and credibility at Paras Launchpad. Through consistent evaluations to ensure the legitimacy and quality of all projects, creators and collectors are able to safely instill their confidence in verified launches.

Multi-chain Support

Our platform arms users with greater flexibility and access to a wider range of NFTs across different blockchain networks, with the aim of expanding the reach of potential audiences and promoting interoperability, which benefits both creators and collectors.

Go Beyond NFT

Continuing to push beyond existing boundaries drives our commitment towards providing innovative services and features towards creators. Unlock the future as you explore the endless possibilities of NFTs, ranging from Art, Comic, Toys, Phygital and more.


Paras puts the needs and interests of our users first. Whetheryou're a creator looking to showcase your work or a collector searching for unique and exciting NFTs, we invite you to join our community and help us shape the future of NFTs together.

The premier launchpad to expand the endgame of NFTs

We are arming the creators of the future. We believe the future of innovation will be built on a foundation of a more open and decentralized world. Everyone will have the same opportunity to change the world, and it starts with Paras.

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