Bridging Web2 and Web3 with Refundable NFT

Paras Launchpad is designed for mass adoption, and we’re proud to offer a unique refundable feature that sets us apart from the rest. 90 days. Up to 95%

Refundable NFTs up to 95%

Rest assured that your NFT purchase is protected with refundable functionality and coded directly into the smart contract.

You'll have the flexibility to learn and explore this exciting space without any risk, making it easier than ever to get started.

We believe that Refundable NFTs are the perfect way to onboard new users into Web3

Whether you're an experienced NFT collector or just getting started, our Refundable NFTs are the perfect way to join the community and experience all that Web3 has to offer.


Refundable NFT is NFT that can be refunded with terms and conditions

NFT is refundable after the minting period is over

You can refund the NFT that you mint from our launchpad.

You can refund your NFT after the post mint until 90 days after the collection launched

You can refund as many NFT that you mint from our launchpad.

Once it’s refunded the NFT will be transferred to the refund address. The refund address will be set by the project’s creator.

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